At Project Blue Assurity Plus our goal is to improve the financial literacy of American families. We provide financial education, budgeting assistance, superior insured financial products, life insurance, annuities, and other financial services. More than ever before, there is a need for sophisticated financial counseling for the rest of us.

     Why Project Blue Assurity Plus?

Our mission is to be a loyal partner in the needs of a new  economy. We seek to not only help families be adequately protected from the catastrophic but to also escape the shackles of debt and build wealth.


Protecting your loved ones in the event of the unexpected is a must.  Life Insurance helps by providing financial security, paying off debts, helping to pay living expenses, and helping to pay for any medical or final expenses, when your family needs it most. 

                   Wealth Accumulation 

Life Insurance is a powerful and often under utilized tool to build tax-free, liquid, legacy wealth. 

                             Debt Elimination

    Fire your bank, eliminate revolving debts, and creditors and pay interest to yourself. Use Life Insurance to be your own bank.

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